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Cost Of Estrace 1 mg in Lexington

Product name: Estrace

Active ingredient: Estradiol

Description: Generic Estrace is used for treating conditions due to menopause (eg, hot flashes vaginal itching, burning, or dryness), treating vulval or vaginal atrophy, and preventing osteoporosis (brittle bones). It is also used for estrogen replacement therapy after failure of the ovaries and to relieve the symptoms of breast cancer.

Similar Titles: Progynova / Alora / Climara / Deladiol / Delestrogen / DepGynogen / Depogen / Dioval / Divigel / Dura-Estrin / Duragen / E-Cypionate / Elestrin / Esclim / Estra-D / Estra-L / Estrace / Estraderm / Estrasorb / Estring / Estro-Cyp / Estrogel / Estroject / Evamist / FemPatch / Femring / Femtrace / Gynodiol / Gynogen / Menaval / Menostar / Vagifem / Valergen / Vivelle

Manufacturer: German Remedies

Product Page: Go to store

Payment method: Visa / MasterCard

Delivery Time: 5-7 business days by Courier Service or 10-21 business days by Standard International Airmail

Bonus options: FREE pills! FREE shipping! Discounts! (up to 10%) & more...

Rating: 96% based on 1438 user votes.

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